Bundle Pack - All 3 STAYSAFE™ Snow Tools

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Be fully prepared with our bundle pack including each of our new STAYSAFE™ Snow Tools.

Sometimes we need a scraper even when it isn’t icy. So we put a squeegee on our scraper and now it’ll stay in the car all year.

Our COMPACT Safety Shovel is custom designed to be the ideal multi-purpose shovel for your car.

Our Safety Shovel Mini IS A COMPACT alternative to our larger shovel. Designed to store easily in your car so its always available.

IDEAL FOR: Clearing Snow, Car Safety, Breaking ice, Clearing windscreens, EDC,  Stow on your back pack and take it anywhere its great for camping too.

WORKS ON SNOW, EARTH, SAND: This Shovel is ideal for moving snow and breaking ice while the squeegee wings are great for cleaning debris from your windshield.

SAFE AND SECURE: Never be caught out again, this shovel is larger than the MINI version and will move snow fast to help get you free from any situation.

COMPACT SIZE: There-when-you-need-it, STAYHOLD® Compact Shovel is small enough to keep anywhere in your car so you always have to it hand when you need it.

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